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Fun Things to Do at Robin Hill Farm

by Jill Turner Our Facilities About Robin Hill Farm Families

Fun Things to Do at Robin Hill Farm

If you fancy a day ‘at home’ during your family holiday there is much to keep your kids engrossed simply exploring our wood, pasture and grounds.

We love the outdoors and most kids do too – don’t worry about messy clothes, we have the laundry facilities to clean them up. Pull on your wellingtons and head down to our wood where you’ll discover our woodland walk and Jennetts River which flows gently enough in summer for paddling in. It is also great for building a dam, but be sure to undo the dam before leaving the wood.

The wood and hedgerows are home to many insects, Roe deer, squirrels, birds, an elusive hare, foxes and possibly dormice – look out for their feathers, nests and footprints. You’ll also find ferns, spring flowers such as primroses, cowslips, snowdrops and bluebells and fungi in the Autumn.

One of the things our young guests love to do is rolling down the grass banks around our outdoor play areas – usually accompanied by shrieks of laughter. Grass Banks Perfect for Rolling Down at Robin Hill Farm Cottages

Our big pasture is quite steep too and you can be sure to catch the breeze if you are flying a kite there. The view of Jennetts Reservoir from the field is beautiful and on a sunny day, tucked away behind the hedge is the perfect spot for a picnic. Regrettably, the Reservoir is ring fenced and not accessible from Robin Hill Farm.

For quieter moments try a bug hunt – grass, flowers and hedgerows attract beautiful butterflies and moths as well as all sorts of bees and ladybirds. You’re welcome to use one of the fishing nets to catch butterflies to get a closer look and consider a night walk down our lane, as that is when the colourful moths are about. White Ermine Moth Spied at Robin Hill Farm Cottages

What about racing snails? – there are oodles of them at Robin Hill, they don’t move quickly so are easy to catch, line them up, see which one wins! If you would like to see a grass snake (green and black) or slow worm (brown), we very occasionally see one hiding out in the cut grass piles – a sunny spring day is the best time to see one as they slowly warm themselves up after a winter of hibernation – neither are poisonous. We have plenty of frogs and the best time to see them is just after dark when they sit on the path underneath one of the outside lights waiting to catch their insect supper. Sunbathing Slow Worm in the Robin Hill Farm grass pile

Our hedgerows are full of flowers AND brambles which produce juicy blackberries in the Autumn which we’d love you to pick and enjoy. At dusk you may see bats out on the hunt and when it is dark listen out for the Tawny Owls. If you hear kwit woowoo noises, it is a pair of Tawny Owls calling each other as they hunt for mice and voles. We are lucky to have very little light pollution so star-gazing on a clear night is a must - you can download an app that helps to identify the constellations, then just point it at the sky to discover what you are looking at!

For those not so keen on exploring nature we also have the climbing frame and slide; football goal and swing ball outdoors. And on a rainy day, take to the swimming pool and/or games room which is stocked with WiiU games; table tennis, junior snooker, table football, air hockey, giant jenga – everything for a mini games tournament!

And in toddlers corner are the ride-ons, wendy house complete with dolls, ball pit tent, and swing that toddlers always make a bee-line for! To keep everyone entertained back in your cottage we’ve got a library of board games suitable for all ages.

Who needs a car?!